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by flight.

Get from where you are now, to where you want to go.


Don’t leave anything to chance.

Manifest Digital Solutions is a design and digital marketing studio that creates and executes on product design, product development, and digital marketing for companies in technology, real estate, health and wellness, tourism, and more.

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What We Do.

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Digital Marketing

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We help companies strategize and execute on their business goals through digital marketing. Launch a podcast, build a website, design and run ad campaigns, reach your customers via SMS, and much more. 

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Brand Identity

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We create unique visual identities for businesses that stand out to their customers and tell a story.

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Product Design

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We help companies design digital products like web portals, apps, and other platforms. 

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Product Development

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We help bring your app, portal, or platform by providing expert frontend and backend development.

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Our Story.

When you board a plane, you're a passenger on the manifest. 

The same goes for our customers at MDS.


Come on board wherever you are, we'll work together to chart a course for your desired destination, and then we'll get flying. 

Where are you headed?

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Some things

we've built.

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The Cannery District takes off with a new look on web

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Contact Us.

Thank you for contacting MDS. You will hear from us shortly.

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