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Our Story.

Ben Nelson, Owner & Founder of MDS, has always been fascinated by flight.

Separate from the pure physics flight and how planes create lift, it's the fact that in most parts of the world you can jump on a plane in the morning and be in a completely different place by lunch.


And that happens more than 100,000 times a day around the globe.

Many think the origin for Manifest Digital Solutions is Manifest Destiny or manifest your dreams, or even manifest your digital solution. 

The story of MDS originates from the passengers on those planes traveling around the world, boarding in one place and relying on the pilots to get them to where they'd like to go. 

At MDS, there is a parallel between those passengers and the customers on our manifest. They trust us to solve and deliver, and we think, build, and create every day to ensure they land. Come on board wherever you are, we'll work together to chart a course for your desired destination, and then we'll get flying. 

Where are you headed?

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